Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Expired for a Reason

So I had this bottle of Coke sitting in the fridge for quite a while. It expired.
Looking at this bottle I can't help but smile. First, because this bottle demonstrates how we tick:
We are so not into soda and softdrinks. Second, because (knowingly that we are not into soda) I had bought this bottle for a reason: Coke works for me as a remedy during those hot, humid summer days,  when my stomach feels weak and don't feel well. A few sips from this bottle and I am good to go. Only that there was no such day in 2016, no need for this remedy.

I started purging expired pharmaceuticals a few years ago. Once a year I weed through my medicine chest big style. The pile consisting of expired pharmaceuticals grew steadily over the last years, now it seems there is not much left to purge. So I was used to find those expired drugs that patiently sat in the drawer. But a Coke? Not a single small bottle (500ml) of Coke in 6, maybe 8 months? This surprised me. It is official: Coke plays 100% no role in our life.

Btw, there is a reason I took a closer look at the bottle: I needed extra space in the fridge, room for sesame oil and almonds. Those of you who are familiar with sesame oil know about its short shelf-life. It's hard to finish a bottle of sesame oil before it goes rancid. Not this time! The new bottle of sesame oil replaces an empty bottle. Living together with a partner who supports my choices, including the game changer – living on a plant based diet, matters.

Sorry if this posting made you thirst for a soda and you have none at your hands ... my sincere apologies!

Sugar? Always welcome.  :-) Pictured: Toffee Apple Cake

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Urban Spring Jungle


I guess this posting pictures my idea of Spring. a week in March 2017.

People heading home after work in the late afternoon sun.
Mid March and the light speaks cool colours. Warmer days are still to come, Kelvin-wise speaking.
After-work delight at "Bortolotti"
MaHü, the common place not far from the posh 1st district. First sunglasses have been spotted.
Wild garlic rush in the Vienna Woods, sunlight still reaching the gound. (Yes, we are still in Vienna).

These contrasting colours speak "joyous Spring" to me like no others: Y/B.
The public library has more to offer than just books. The stairs are one of the rare non-commercial urban public spaces in Vienna.
New company at the office: the Bumble Bee, chilling, waiting for the sun to show up ....
Ahhh! Warming up. Time to fly.

Enjoy the Spring-season!

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Scrapbook History

31 years! It has been 31 years since I've glued these tickets in my "holiday diary", the ancestor of today's trend called Traveller's Notebook.

I guess this is my oldest scrapbook. How I loved it! It brought me a lot of joy.

My memorabila box holds several of these. This is the fanciest one. Others were simple notebooks like the ones we used at school. To me my traveller's notebooks from the 1980's are total pageturnes. I enjoy flicking through them.  

Journaling mattere 

 This simple notebook travelled through the Austrian provinces in 1987
I do remember this trip to Alpbach, but I could not remember the travel journal. 

I am surprised to see how easygoing my journaling was back then. Glue, a pen and tickets. No ruler, no rules:

And this is "me" today, 30 years later: 

Today's memory journals include a few new features, such as the handy photo printer at home and Washi tapes. :-)

One huge motivation that keeps me doing this is a podcast I have been listening to almost non-stop since January: The Scrap Gals podcast. Tiffany and Tracie are experts when it comes to scrapbooking. Their show is 100% motivating and inviting, I find myself sewing (!) notebooks and fllling them with memories on a monthly basis, all thanks to their podcast.

Too sad those rub-on letters are out of fashion. In the 80's and 90's they were quite common.

A few weeks back, looking at this page, I felt like this would have been something a young girl would do and enjoy a lot. In other words: Yes, this somehow does look childish. Well, having rediscovered my old scrapbooks I can say "Yes, I did enjoy making these!"
Joy comes easily.

Have a nice weekend!

PS: I blanked some lines for discretion.