Sunday, 19 April 2015

Sunday Morning

... looks like this at the Paula residence:

These Tulips come with a tiny CO2 footprint, 45km travel distance. The grew in Mr Paula's parents' garden in Lower Austria. One week ago they looked very different from now.

For regular readers, this is sight is probably nothing new to you:

 old stripes
 Guess who is in favour of the red half and who is in favour of the blue half? You remember this?

For the next 8 - 10 weeks you are not going to read anything sofa-related on this blog. Promised!

And this is how the Sunday morning sounds like:
United Future Organization feat. Mc Solaar, Ensemble On Est Ensemble Sans Se Parler. Mc Solaar was the reason I started to learn French. Two decades later the reason sounds still veeery reasonable to me. :-)

Enjoy your Sunday!

Sunday, 12 April 2015

finally: decision making

Pretending ... a new sofa. Blue? Beige? Real life simulation with real life blankets.


my weekend, so far: 

No, we are not going to buy chairs. We are buying a sofa. We left the sofa-section in the furniture shop and moved on to the chairs, because I wanted to see the colours in daylight. Moving the sofa close to the windows what not an option ;-)

Before moving to daylight, we successfully nailed down the model-choice. We are excited, since the measurements of the new sofa are going to be as close to the measurements of the old sofa as you could get. No, we are not fond of new styles. Yes, we happily stick with the proven design and proportions. Call us conservative. 

Having spent 3 hours in the furniture shop, we left with a modest selection of only 4 sample sheets. (4 out of ... 100?) Not bad! Back home we draped the sample sheets on our existing sofa.

Not to my surprise, the colours look different depending on the time of day (cool sunlight, warm light from bulbs at night). This is the cool daylight:

I did not really take the colour of the walls into concern, but that's why you leave a furniture shop with sample sheets. Because you should take the colours of the walls into concern.

Seems like we might have to repaint the livingroom, in case we go for beige:
The fact, that the fabrics do not come in the same price does not make this decision-making any easier.

For a better understanding: Sofas and I - we've come a looong way.

Some might say "Paula, this won't be the last sofa you are buying, so just go for it, buy a sofa, any sofa, just buy something!"

I am not so sure about that, regarding the fact that the last (=current) sofa has been around ... well, as long as I have been around :-o

Failed attempt, a few years ago

 Parting in parts - the large sofa left the apartment a few years ago.

Not to my surprise the manufacturer is Danish, just like the old manufacturer was. Scandinivian design, a love for life.

Enjoy your sunday-chill-out, on a sofa maybe?

Saturday, 11 April 2015

whereabouts: Heldenplatz


During the days before the Vienna City Marathon (tomorrow, April 13), the Heldenplatz in the city center slowly but steadily becomes a marathon village.

The photos show the Heldenplatz before the brands have appeared on the scene. The tents are free from any sign or identity. 

I find the whole white setting interesting, almost ironic, especially the "open corner fences". All in all a lot of truly artificial plastic structures, right in the middle of the historical center of Vienna. 

 Erzherzog Karl, intimidating the tent-vulcano (back: cupola NHM)

 on average days, the Heldenplatz looks more like this (April/2011):

Back to marathon village:
The Heldenplatz is popular among dogs and dog owners.
 The white fences remind me of show jumping.

 sportive infrastucture

 lots of voltage
behind the scenes

In case you plan to visit the Sisi-Museum around the corner of Heldenplatz tomorrow around noon: might be not the best idea. ;-)

Have a nice weekend!

We had our own veritable marathon in a furniture store. Our new sofa is coming closer. For 3 hours, we have been looking at and sitting on various fabric-samples, again and again and again. Did I mention, how the colour blocking almost made us go colour blind?
Such colourful choices, see:

Monday, 6 April 2015

whereabouts: Neighbourhood at Night


For weeks months years I've been thinking about this. Yesterday I finally grabbed my tripod and camera and did it: I went for a nightwalk.

It did not take long and I fell for details. Of course light plays a huge role. Over the past years the city gouvernment has replaced old streetlamps with new lamps, probably LED. They create the most excellent moods at night in the streets. It's about creating spots – spotlighs creating spots.

Did you know you can actually meditate on urban still life?
 The answer is Yes.

 The camera (SIGMA DP2) captures the mood of a blossom at night in an ideal way.

I think I going to revisited the spot at daytime. 
To give you the picture: 
You spend 15, 20, no - 25 minutes* standing in a corner of a park. It's just you, your tripod with the camera and 0°C. And all because of one blossom on a twig. 

You can leave the blossom on the twig but you are connected. After those 25 minutes you walk away as another person. Oh my ... I guess we are talking about some serious Hanami impact here! Haha.

*yes, the camera IS slow, it takes 12 sec to save one photo
  Hanami* at midnight in my neighbourhood

* Japanese: blossom-viewing

On with a typical situation:

Surprisingly colourful workshops inside a historical buidling, sunday night:

The following sight triggered yesterday's freezing nightwalk:

I run past this station 3 times a week/March-October ( = running season). I like the sight in many ways and always wanted to come back with my tripod and take a picture. Well, it's ok. But not that special I imagined it to be. Maybe I'll give it another try, past the Hanami season, the Blue Hour might suit the motif better.

Until then: enjoy the Hanami-season!